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A doctoral thesis is a condition for obtaining a doctoral degree. Thus, in the system of education, he is the next higher stage of initiation into the arcana of science. Obtained academic degree obliges, although not always gives measurable benefits. However, it must be remembered that education is one of the most valued goods. It is a value in itself. It is also a way to acquire other commonly desirable values such as: professional status, prestige, wealth, power, etc. Although there are other ways to success in life, but in modern times education is still the most recognized, the most common and reliable method of gaining higher values spiritual and becomes the condition of almost any career. However, before a graduate of university studies decides to start a doctoral thesis, he should consider his decision deeply.

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One should reflect on the time possibilities, possessed predispositions and financial self-sufficiency. These are closely related factors. The average time of doctoral studies is currently three to five years. This time should be entirely dedicated to studying and comprehensive development of doctoral student’s personality. So, knowing your character, do I assess my chance positively? Is there enough strength and resources to achieve the goal? The health of the doctoral student, his psychological condition and, above all, perseverance are not without significance. It should be emphasized here again that doctoral studies are fundamentally different from master’s studies, above all the level of independence.

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A series of activities organized when writing doctoral theses

The decision to take a doctoral thesis is very important and weighing in. It can not be taken lightly and should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the personal situation. The implementation of the doctoral thesis is mainly connected with:

  • a huge time commitment, and thus the necessity of renouncing many entertainments and pleasures,
  • the hardships of increased work carrying a significant psychological and physical burden
  • the need to immunize against adversity and failure that must be dealt with in the search for accurate solutions.

The process of writing each work should be characterized by a certain rational mode. The beginning of this mode is always to set a goal, and the final stage is to evaluate the results of our action. The purpose of the work and its characteristics is included in the introduction to the promotional work, and the evaluation of the results obtained should be reflected in the end of the work. In return, you can hope for satisfaction that we were able to do something extraordinary. Because the implementation of a doctoral thesis can not last for years, because others can overtake us in the search for a new one, and then the difficult effort will not bring the desired effect, we must act quickly and consistently!

If you have once chosen the profession of an academic teacher, you should be clearly aware that there is no other way, because your doctorate opens before us the main gate of the “temple” of knowledge.

The methodology of proceeding while writing promotional works has been shaped in the course of experiments. The basis on which this methodology is based is the cycle of activities of the organized Le Chatelier’s stages:

  1. selection of the purpose, desired state of affairs, subject of research;
  2. examining the measures and conditions necessary to implement the plan;
  3. preparation of measures and conditions;
  4. implementation of the developed plan;
  5. control of the results obtained.

The organizational cycle is a derivative of logical action. It is used in practical and scientific research. Assuming the course of reasoning of the cycle of activity organized in the process of writing a thesis, we can distinguish three phases: the phase of determination (diagnosis), the phase of searching and the phase of decision (realization).

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